Tropicana Hotel
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Tropicana Hotel
Tropicana Hotel and The Mafia- Can Renovations Save The Tropicana?

Opened in 1957, the Tropicana has a rich history. In the beginning, it quickly became known as the Tiffany of the strip due to its luxurious and classy furnishings. It gained notoriety in films such as Viva Las Vegas, with Elvis Presley, where a scene was shown from the Folies Bergere. It was also mentioned in the movie "The God Father," which is not out of the ordinary, as Las Vegas has a history that is steeped in the Mafia. In the latter years, renovations and extensions created either a more wonderful experience, tackier experience, or both depending on your style and preferences.

Since the 1990s the hotel has been known for its tropical theme. With sunglasses wearing bartenders and cheap, strong drinks, the place was a haven for those who love the low roller way to do Vegas. In recent years, a massive renovation has begun in hopes of reviving this once thriving landmark. Renovations include remodels to some rooms. While the garden rooms are historically a great deal, upgrades thus far are relatively easy, so a paradise or one of the completed remodels should not be hard to get. The service has never been anything but outstanding whichever room you are in.

One of the most promising aspects of the recent renovations is the additions of "The Mob Experience." This interactive exhibit promises to draw you in to the Mobster lifestyle to a time when elegance and murder went hand in hand. This features the latest in interactive technology to create a mob experience like no other. With home movies and over 1,000 artifacts from different mobsters, including items such as the diary of Meyer Lansky and cars that belonged to Bugsy Siegel, "The Mob Experience" promises to be fun and informative.

The exhibit has become the center of its own little controversy involving the owners. Fraud and conspiracy are afoot all around the exhibit, which may prove to be its cash cow. A preview gives those wanting it a taste of what it to come, and the excitement surrounding the "experience" remains high. The Tropicana remains a staple of the Las Vegas strip, and those wishing for an affordable and fun Vegas experience will certainly find it here. With the renovations and additions nearing completion, the future of The Tropicana promises to be just as successful as its past.

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